OMG! Man travelled on bicycle from India to Sweden just to meet her wife

It’s very true saying love makes a person crazy and in that craziness he can go for anything, just like this man who traveled on bicycle all the way from India to Sweden just to meet his love of life.

Actually, this is the story of Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin.

Dr. Pradyumna was born in the year 1949, in a small village in Odisha state. He was artist by birth and got fame as artist at the College of Art in New Delhi.

Charlotte heard about him when she was just 19 and decided to travel to India just to get a portrait of her made by him.

They both fell in love and got married.

But soon, charlotte went back to her home country. She wanted Pradyumna to come with her but he said after completing his studies he would come.

Unfortunately, after completing his studies, he didn’t make that much money to fly to Sweden. So, finally he deiced to travel all the way to Sweden on bicycle.

He currently lives with his wife happily in Sweden itself.


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