OMG! Man fell from roof while proposing his girlfriend

Love is blind and this man proved it – as he was proposing his girl for marriage when he accidentally fell down the roof.

Hmm! Now many would say ‘so sad’ but what if say everything happened was a plan.

Well let’s see what happened actually:

#1 He stood on the edge of the roof to announce something

#2 everybody including his girl were expecting something very romantic from his side

#3 he then asked ring from his one friend

#4 while in attempt of catching the ring, he lost his control and fell down.

#5 girl started screaming and ran towards to edge to see.

#6 and what she saw – the boy was holding a sign of “will you marry me”.

Hmmm…! Very romantic…

OMG! Man fell from roof while proposing his girlfriend1


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