Old lady did something ‘unbelievable’ to one McDonald’s lady staff

Random acts of Kindness always happen around us, but most the time, it remains unknown.

Well, today we have brought one such story in which a generous old lady did something unbelievable to one McDonald’s lady employee.

Read below the complete story:

#1 An old lady while paying for the food at McDonald, started talking to the lady cashier.

Old lady did something ‘unbelievable’ to one McDonald’s lady staff3

#2 The lady cashier after some talk, revealed that she was a single mother.

#3 The old lady then asked about her plans for her daughter on this ‘Christmas’.

#4 She suddenly broke down and started crying. She told that she had no plan for her daughter.

Old lady did something ‘unbelievable’ to one McDonald’s lady staff2

#5 The old lady then revealed her identity and said that she worked for a popular radio station and on this Christmas, they thought to do some ‘random act of kindness’.

#6 Old lady handed a hundred bucks to the single mom and asked her to spend it over her daughter.

#7 The mom was so grateful that she came outside her counter to give this generous radio employee a hug.


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