Officers forced a man to eat dozens of bananas and the reason is quite impressive

How many bananas you have eaten the most at once – well, most of us would say three or four. But in Mumbai, India, police officer forced a man to eat dozens of bananas at once.

Well, it wasn’t any challenge.

Actually, police had received a information of chain snatching in somewhere in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area.

But meanwhile, hearing the victim’s scream, people around there acted immediately and caught the culprit.

Police reached and arrested the culprit, Gopi R. Ghaware.

Later after a X-Ray, it became clear that Gopi had eaten up the gold chain.

Well, after this the officers brought dozens of bananas and forced him to eat all.

He when in the morning went to loo, the gold chain came out, which he washed by himself before giving it to the officers.


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