Nurses share the creepiest last word their patients have said

A Reddit Question, asking the nurses/doctors to share the creepiest thing they heard from their patient before death.

And what they shared, is really shocking.

#1 Just few hours before death, a patient said “You look like an angel”.

#2 A patient suffering from pulmonary artery rupture said “why is this happening to me?” It still haunts me years later”.

#3 An elderly man said “But I don’t know how to get there…” and died just 2 hours later.

#4 A man before his death said to the doctor “You took his girl and you will burn in for it” and in reality the doctor had taken girlfriend from his one friend but he never shared this with patient.

#5 “Why all these people are in my room” but in reality nobody was there. And this he said, just moments before his death.


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