Nothing Can Separate Sofia Vergara From Joe Manganiello. Nope Pizza Too

It seems like nothing can separate Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello, not even the mighty pizza!

They were together a day before for celebrating the 42nd birthday of the Modern Family’s actress in Malibu with common friends and a day after, the lovebirds were seen together at a late night date. On Friday, The “early stage of dating” couple was seen entering into a Soho House in West Hollywood at around 10 o’clock for some quality time.

What can look better with Vergara and Manganiello? Yes, a Pizza!. The perfect couple was so engrossed into themselves that they paused between their bites for a cheesy dinner kiss, as told by a witness.

The True Blood star, Vergara seemed to enjoy the cozy booth’s intimate, beautiful and delicious dinner and couldn’t keep her hands off her partner. The new dating couple sat close with Vergara snuggling into the actor’s arm as he dragged her close to him.

The two had an awesome time with their giggling and jokes. Manganiello entertained the actress by waving his arms and telling the actress many stories. The 37 year old actress then couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

The actor was completely enamored with Vergara and their chemistry was simply electric! They looked like they landed into a world of their own couldn’t look anywhere else.

Their date was soon interrupted by two young friends of Vergara whose friends greeted the two. The actress was reserved with the encounter but looked happy to see her friends.


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