North Korea is planning to make the Rio Athletes work in coal mines

Winning and losing, both are part of game and people should understand that no any player can win all the or lose all the time.

Despite of every facts and understanding, the north Korean dictator came on decision that the athletes who didn’t perform well in Olympics will work in coal mines.

Well, this is not a joke or stunt.

Its officially announced by the dictator’s officials.

Actually, the dictator had given a deadline of five gold medals to the athletes but unfortunately, they managed to get only two.

Moreover, South Korea, which is biggest enemy country, managed to won 9 gold medals.

This all made the Kim Jong-un furious and hence he came on this horrifying decision.

Not only this, government will also discontinue their ration card and in north Korea, people couldn’t buy food stuff without ration card.

In short, the athletes will be forced to live as a slave.


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