Nobel Prize Winning Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez Passes Away

Famous amid book lovers for his ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ and ‘Love in the times of Cholera’ Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed away at his Mexico home, a big jolt for the literary community.

Gabo as he was fondly called was Spain’s gift to the literary world. Though he wasn’t exactly in his prime, aged 87 he was deemed ‘quite fit’ by his close friends. However recently Marquez contracted a fever and then was hospitalized where he was diagnosed with lung infection and infection in the urinary track. His condition improved and he returned home, only to become serious again. After the 17th century Spanish writer, Marquez has reigned as the undoubted king of Latin American literature taking the culture, issues and passion of the Spanish to the world.

He is known for the humorously melancholic strain in his works of fiction. Books like ‘Autumn of the Patriarch’ have been reported to have sold more in Spain than any other work, except for the Bible. The book, ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ alone crossed sale of 50 million copies from the time it was first published in 1967. The book took Gabo 18 months to write. And as he worked on it the writer apparently lost track of time and finances, emerging with the book only to find his family in debt!

Garcia Marquez Passes Away

Garcia Marquez Passes Away

Starting with literary non-fiction and known as first amid the ones to bring in new journalism to Latin America, Marquez ironically has had a distinctly magical and realistic style of writing. Often using poverty and violent backgrounds for his stories Gabo managed to weave imaginary elements deftly with real life. Many of his works centered on a fictional village he introduced as Macondo.

He wrote his first novel when he was 23 though it wasn’t until another seven years that he managed to find a publisher to accept his work. Leaf Storm was his debut followed by three more novels that won critical appreciation across the literary realm. They however failed to pick on the popularity note as did his latter works. The Nobel laureate has credited Latin America as the fount of ‘insatiable’ creativity, sorrow and beauty.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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