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Nine facts about WhatsApp, you wouldn’t know


WhatsApp, the chatting engine which has replaced the traditional SMS in very less time, with its amazing features and capabilities.

But today we have brought some lesser known fact about this WhatsApp.

Let’s get started:

#1 Facebook bought this WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion

whatsapp (1)

#2 Message receiving counts are huge as compared to sending

whatsapp (2)

#3 But they failed

whatsapp (3)

#4 I have also in my mobile phone

whatsapp (4)

#5 OMG. Only 55 employ

whatsapp (5)

#6 One million user per day. Means in around 3-4 years, every person on this earth will use it.

whatsapp (6)

#7 Yes, because they love to chat.

whatsapp (7)

#8 That’s why the app has no irritating advertisement for users

whatsapp (8)

#9 Founded in 2009