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Netflix Enters & Joins 3 U.S. Cable Television Services’ Programming Lineup


In what comes as a breakthrough development in the arena of online entertainment and one that just goes on to underline its growing popularity, Netflix is soon moving onto the web realm with its own internet-video service aired through the programming lineup of three U.S. Cable TV service to do so.

Netflix has, through agreements with Grande Communications, RCN Telecom Services and the Atlantic Broadband succeeded to launch its subscription service on their TiVo box services. Starting with its debut on Atlantic and RCN it would be expanding to Grande by end of May. The agreements just gives Netflix a direct advantage to use the enormous subscriber base of these three Cable-TV services who currently have more than 820,000 people in Washington D.C and across nine states hooked onto them.

Netflix Enters & Joins 3 U.S. Cable Television Services

Clearly this isn’t a very broad spectrum of cable-TV services to boast of but for Netflix Inc. it’s a new beginning altogether particularly in view of the company’s recent efforts to align its internet video services to the standard of Showtime and HBO. Already it has a growing presence in Cable TV box services in Sweden, Denmark and UK. In fact it’s been rather suffering from lack of inroad into the U.S. cable TV market. Right now it has close to 36 million subscribers in U.S. who have to buy a device like player or video gaming console to use it or streaming videos on TV sets.

With such methods though you need to use a remote separately and flip through TV inputs. With the latest move Netflix would play out like most other channels on cable-TV except for the fact that it would be using high-speed internet connection for streaming videos. It also plans to hike prices by $1-$2 to meet the jump in programming costs. A smart move at that!