Nepal’s Prime Minister bows his head down to this 7-year-old girl, reason will shock you

The religious experts in Nepal has declared a 7-year-old girl, Yunika Kumari, as GODDESS, because she has “eyelashes like a cow”, “thighs like a deer” and a “voice as clear as a duck”.

Well, this isn’t some rumor.

The prime minister of the country Mr. Pushpa Kumar Dahal, has also bowed before this goddess girl, in order to pay respect along with thousands of other people at the religion’s annual festival of rain.


The royal priests have declared that the child (goddess) will bring good luck to those who look into her eyes.

Her mother, Sabita has to apply intricate make-up patterns on her body to mark her out as a goddess.

But on the other hand, she feels sad for her daughter as she can’t enjoy like other normal kids.



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