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NASA paid $18,000 to this man just for sleeping


Yes, it’s true. NASA has paid $18,000 the man called Drew Iwanicki, 38, just for sleeping 70 days for them.

It must seem a piece of cake but it’s actually not.

Actually, NASA was seeking men back in 2014 for an experiment called CFT-70 or Countermeasure and Functional Testing in Head-Down Tilt Bed Rest Study.

The experience was all about to study about bone and muscle atrophy in space.

NASA paid $18,000 to this man just for sleeping

However, Drew was not only person on whom NASA performed study but there were 54 more.

NASA’s research included a study when they were sleeping from 10PM to 6AM. They were not allowed to sleep in the day time and the rules were completely strict.

He after completing the job said that the life was easy during research but he was not allowed to do anything of his own.

He added that when he stood up after completing the task, he at first got fainted but his body eventually managed to normal.