Mystery of ‘Beasts of Dartmoor’ has finally been solved

It seems that the mystery of ‘beats of Dartmoor’ is now solved as according to some rumors, the beasts are none other than the three pumas, who were actually released from the Plymouth Zoo by Mary Chipperfield.

According to the reports, Ms. Mary, owner of the Plymouth Zoo, was forced to transport five pumas to the Dartmoor Zoo because her own zoo got closed down in 1978.

But when the staffs at Dartmoor Zoo checked the consignment, they found that they had revealed only two pumas.

Three pumas went missing and in all those years, no one knew where the trio had gone.

Meanwhile, some rumors started flashing that the owner of Plymouth Zoo, released three pumas intentionally.

Ms. Mary died in 2014. But few facts have been found in support of those ‘rumors’ that she might have released three pumas to the wild because they were her favorite breeding pairs.


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