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Mum gets ‘creepy’ voice mail from an unknown person, who turns out to be a ‘celebrity’


A mother has recently shared her experience on Quora, in which a celebrity mistakenly dialled her number and sent a voice mail.

#1 Meet Rebecca Baldwin, professionally a teacher, who claims that around seven years ago, legendary rapper and musician Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg , had called her.

#2 Actually, one night she received a Voice Mail. When she read it in the morning, she thought to give a text reply asking who he was.

#3 The rapper then replied her back and explained it was all mistake and asked her to never call or message him again.


#4 She insisted him to reveal his identity by calling him.

#5 Snoop Dogg angrily replied her to not to disturb before hanging up the line.

#6 Just minutes later, she received a call from AT&T, informing her that the unknown caller whom she just talked, reported her for harassment.

#7 Meanwhile the conversation, she asked “was it Snoop Dogg”, over which the customer executive refused to reply.

#8 She knew somehow that it was him, but she wasn’t confirmed.