Mom permitted daughter for sleepover but what happened next morning will give you nightmares

A mom permitted her daughter to go for a sleepover at her friend’s place but what she came to know next morning can give you nightmares.

Read her story:

#1 Shelby Lyn Allen, 17, asked her mother, Debbie, to go for a sleepover at best friend Alyssa’s house.

#2 Debbie knew Alyssa family very well, so she allowed her without any issue.

#3 After Shelby and Alyssa met, they received a call from one other friend Jane, who invited them to her home for party.

#4 They both went to Jane’s home and found there was a open bar in her house.

#5 After Jane’s parents went to sleep, they secretly took drinks out and started enjoying.

#6 Shelby wanted to gulp 15 shots of vodka, so she started counting.

#7 After gulping 15 shots, she lost her conscious and also vomited.

#8 Next morning, when Alyssa woke up, found Shelby in bathroom in very bad condition.

#9 She realized that her health wasn’t good.

#10 She immediately dialed 911, who transferred her to hospital.

#11 Unfortunately, due to alcohol poisoning, she died just after few minutes.

#12 Later, it was revealed that her blood alcohol was 0.33, which was four times greater than the limit in California.


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