Mom loses her 6 year old daughter, because of a Facebook post

How much posting a picture status over Facebook could be dangerous. If you think that there is nothing like ‘dangerous’ in this, then mate, you need to know what happened to this lady, who posted a picture status of her daughter.

According to sources, this unnamed lady had few unknown friends in her Facebook account.

Unfortunately, one day she posted a picture of her daughter for sharing the moment when she first was starting to go to school.

It’s believed that some Facebook friend had downloaded the picture and uploaded it to an online catalogue, captioning “Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6 years old! Only 5,000 dollars”.

Till the moment, nothing had happened. But the horror began for the lady when she failed to find her daughter when she arrived to pick her at the school.

What would have happened to the little kid, you probably understanding what the whole scene says?

So, in our opinion “Stop Sharing Pictures to Unknown profiles over Social Media”. You don’t know who they are and what they could do to it.


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