Mom left in shock after capturing something very scary

A mother left in shock after capturing photos of her five year old son, hanging from wall by neck.

Well, the story is of a family of nine including the parents Nicky (Mother) and Nate Walla (Father) from Chippewa Falls.

The family always wish to keep the memories of their growing children and for that they always use to take some snaps of them.

Happy Gavin before the incident

Happy Gavin before the incident

Around 12 years back, the mother was doing the same when she noticed something very terrifying in the camera – which actually was her five year old (now 17) son, Gavin, hanging from the wall by his neck.

He at that moment seemed lifeless but fortunately her mother’s attempt of CPR helped and Gavin returned back to life.

The family after 12 years of incident, say that they can’t forget a moment of that horrifying day.


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