Miranda Kerr Explains fight Of Boyfriend James Pecker

Miranda Kerr explains about the fight taken place with channel 9 head and her boyfriend James Packer.

The fight took place earlier in May this year when Packer got into a physical confrontation with David Gyngell, channel 9 head. Many believed it was related to Kerr, but now it is a different story.

Miranda Kerr Explains fight Of Boyfriend James Pecker

Kerr said both were not fighting over her and she don’t want to comment on the decisions and actions of other people.

The Vogue of Gyngell added that Packer and she is friends and people are making a story out of it. She is still single and those people who are important to her knows it.

The pics of street brawl surfaced on the Web. It happened when a channel 9 News truck was parked near Packer’s Bondi Beach house. It is said the Aussie billionaire was in front of the house to film the couple together.

It is believed Packer texted in anger to Gyngell, who then drove to Packer’s home in Sydney and waited for him seated o the hood of his car. The fight broke when Packer returned.

Later it was rumored the claim of Packer was false. Then, few sources also reported the fight was not related to Kerr.


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