Mila Kunis Spotted Casual Dressed Revealing Baby Bump

Pregnant Mila Kunis was photographed on May 6, as she grabbed breakfast with fiance Ashton Kutcher in Hollywood city on May 9.

The actress came for the breakfast in a low profile, casual dress which included loose-fitting khakis, a black T-shirt, and a blue and white polka dot shirt which she kept open.

Mila Kunis Spotted Casual Dressed Revealing Baby Bump

Kunis had opened up and talked about her pregnancy, something about which she has been really private, that very same day on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, talking about her cravings of pickles and sauerkrauts during these pregnancy period of hers, and also mentioned that her fiancé, Ashton Kutcher, was being extremely supportive of her in her pregnancy.

She said, regarding her cravings of pickles and sauerkrauts that Ashton predicting something like this happening, had already stocked up their secondary fridge with all kinds of goofy foods. He had foreseen her crazy cravings and stocked up on foods like, pickles and sauerkraut, anchovies and ice creams, so that if she really wanted some sort of food, there may not be any problems.

The actress also revealed that Ashton had been taking up Russian language lessons, for approximately the last six months, twice every week. A woman instructor comes to their home to give the lessons.

It has also been reported that Kunis and Kutcher have already picked a name for their coming baby, which is reportedly a girl child.


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