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Mila Kunis Reveals Baby Bump In Loose-Fit Dress


Mila Kunis has so far kept quiet about the first child that she is expecting with Ashton Kutcher.

This Saturday, though, she let her body make the statement for her, revealing an unmistakable baby bump, when her top rose slightly in the gentle breeze as she strolled in to Hollywood.

Mila Kunis Reveals Baby Bump In Loose-Fit Dress

The 30-year old pregnant actress was looking radiant and had loose fitting garments on her, perhaps to keep herself comfortable during the pregnancy .

She had a loose pink and white top covering her bump and a long black maxi skirt that went down to her flip-flops. Known for her casual attire, Mila had her hair loose, with no make-up as she enjoyed the breeze and the sunshine.

The soon-to-be father Ashton Kutcher was pictured earlier the same day stocking up on Baskin Robins treats, which means Mila probably has a sweet tooth during her first pregnancy.

Wearing a tight fitting crisp shirt and pale grey jeans with summer sandals, the soon-to-be father was looking good too. And a white cap with a Creighton Bluejays logo, a College Basketball team, for shielding his eyes from the glare completed the look. He was also sporting what appeared to be a small stubble.

The actor also made a stop at Coffee Bean for grabbing a couple of iced coffees along the way before heading off to a private residence in the Studio city. There was also a curious delivery of a large bunch of blue balloons at the address at about the same time. It’s probably not hard for anyone to guess what these items were for.

Kutcher is quite enjoying his role of doting fiance. He is rarely seen these days, except at the side of his love.