Mila Kunis Interview Transformed From ‘Cold’ To ‘Brusque’ By Reporters

Ashton Kutcher’s pregnant fiancé’s interview published on Friday, June 20, doesn’t seem to have painted the star in a favourable light.

Kunis gave the interview to Stephen Whitty, a Star-Ledger interviewer, which lasted for 25-minute on phone. The interviewer described the interview as a “bumpy ride” from the very first question.

Cast member Mila Kunis speaks during the "Third Person" news conference at the 38th Toronto International Film Festival

Stephen stated that he perhaps made a mistake by asking Mudi Kunis about how she was feeling to which she bluntly replied, “I don’t talk about that for publication.”

Whitty further wrote that every question he asked over the 25 minutes long interview seemed to strike Mudi as insulting or dull, and perhaps burdened by some sort of agenda.

Since it was the very day her “in depth Marie Claire interview” was published, the journalist wondered if the star was in bad mood because of that. The cover story revealed that her fiancé, Kutcher will be along with her in the delivery room.

The scribe also touched Kunis’ Ukrainian background and her immigration story. Kunis moved to America when she was 7, and didn’t speak English. However the Star dully responded that she has already talked a lot about her moving to America and its like everyone’s immigrant story.

Kunis further added that it was more difficult for her brother and parents. Kunis told the journalist that she maybe from Ukraine but she doesn’t identify with it, so he must skip asking her anything about the current political upheaval.

However at the end, when the reporter asked sorry because perhaps the interview probably upset her. The star responded that the interview was good.


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