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Mila Kunis Discloses Her Pregnancy, Engagement To Ashton Kutcher


After keeping quiet for a long time, Mila Kunis has finally opened up about her pregnancy, and her engagement to Ashton Kutcher.

The Jupiter Ascending star talked about her personal life on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday.

Mila Kunis Discloses Her Pregnancy, Engagement To Ashton Kutcher

When host, Ellen DeGeneres congratulated Mila saying that she had hid it for some time now, Mila replied that they were able to hide it for a long time which was actually amazing according to her.

Asked about her due date, Mila was a little shy but replied that it would be this year.

The star also refused to reveal her baby’s gender, although it is reported that she and Kutcher have already picked out a name for the baby.

Kunis also revealed that her pregnancy-period cravings were very stereotypical, saying that she ate sauerkraut all day long. On being asked whether this was because of her Ukranian roots, she said it could be, adding that sauerkraut is the worst craving because every time you open a jar the smell reeks up the entire kitchen. Unlike ice cream which smells lovely, sauerkraut doesn’t.

Kunis said that she also craved pickles, and the host had some ready for her. She guessed immediately that it was Bubbies sauerkraut, saying she had gone through all of them.

DeGeneres was thrilled at her guest who seemed to know everything about sauerkrauts, and asked whether she had them raw, to which she replied in the affirmative, asking how she had her’s. DeGeneres backed off immediately saying she isn’t really into pickles.

It was also revealed that Kunis is playing a natural birth. She says that she does not want to make it look like she was forced in to this, and a natural birth, according to her is always the best option.