Michelle Keegan Becomes Center Of Attraction At Trucking Festival

Michelle Keegan nails it hard with her black camisole top on those mosaic-print trousers in the trucking festival.

Without doubt she becomes the centre of attention, wherever she goes. She stole the show even where trucks were supposed to be the stars of the festival.

Michelle Keegan Becomes Center Of Attraction At Trucking Festival

A Former Coronation Street star, she is an unusual and also the most welcomed star anywhere. Michelle Keegan was spotted on Saturday in ‘Truckfest 2014’ in South West Wales.

After red carpets and sometimes star-studded parties, this sporty beauty left for her next destination to Malvern’s Three Counties Showground. She was to attend the annual event there that celebrates heavy vehicles on the road.

The atmosphere of the event was thrilling with patrons lining up in a huge numbers to capture the brunette beauty with their snaps and also her autograph. Some lined up to get just the glimpse of Keegan. In an environment of Big trucks Vs Michelle, where Michelle totally stole the attention of the mass gathered with just the star power.

Michelle kept a casual look for her appearance in the festival. She tied her hair up in a neat bun and wore a camisole top perfectly soothing the long and floaty mosaic-print trousers. The 27 year old screen star topped her looks with her golden flip-flops.

And for those who were unsure of who had stepped onto the Mercedes stage, she flashed off her gold plated necklace that read ‘Keegan’.

Michelle, is committed to the TOWIE star Mark Wright and also runs her own fashion line, collaborated with Lipsy.


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