Michael Jackson fell in love with Harriet Lester and Emma Watson and wanted to marry

The king of the pop, Michael Jackson, once fell in love with the Harriet Lester, daughter of Mark Lester, a close friend, when she was just 5 and wanted to marry her.

Making situation more complex, he also fell in love with Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, when she was just 11 and was working with Harry Potter.

Well, I am not saying these things. But these extraordinary claims are made in an explosive new book by the singer’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

He has also explained in the book that Jackson fell in love with Harriet when she was 5 but he somehow controlled himself but when she became 12, his obsession broke everything and he made himself determined to marry her as soon as possible.

The book which will be published on Tuesday has several secrets of the pop star including his obsession with very young girls.


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