Meryl Streep Reveals She Was Ugly To Be An Actress

Meryl Streep is a three-time Oscar winner and considered as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood. But, she reveals becoming a star was too much daunting at first and the reason is not very thinkable.

Meryl Streep Reveals She Was Ugly To Be An Actress

Recently on the occasion of accepting honorary doctorate from Indiana University, the star said she was too ugly with glasses to become an actress. She was just like any other girl wearing princess dress and looking ahead to get complete attention from others.

The actress added further that young women should not be worried about their weight and not to think over it.

Streep is a graduate from Vassar College and the Yale School of Drama. She was called strikingly beautiful in her earlier films like Sophie’s Choice and The Deer Hunter.

She continued that it is the strength of young men and women who tries to look different or weird as those are how get picked up instead of who tries to look a cookie-cutter kind. In her early days she use to hate her nose, but now it is okay for her.

She also revealed once did schedule a law bar exam but she then slept through her arm.

Streep is mother of four. She has won 119 awards in her life so far and had been nominated 172 times including 18 Oscar nominations. Her first win came in 1979 for Best Supporting Actress in the film Kramer vs. Kramer.=


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