Men pay $220/per hour to get beaten up by Hot Wrestlers

Well, I am not fooling you. This is 100 percent genuine news. There is really a place where men pay around $220 per hour to get beaten up by Hot Female Wrestlers.

Yes, we are talking about Model Wrestling Management (MWM) in Vauxhall, UK, where the Models cum Wrestlers in their revealing outfits beat men, and in return men pay money.

The idea is the brainchild of a model, known only as Cam. She explains that the whole game is plant to remove stress and tension from people’s life by choking and punishing them.

She also explains that men at first get an option to select a Model (cum Wrestlers) out of 16 Models before going for the beating session.

I know it sounds weird, but MWM is quite popular in UK.


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