Men Are Wearing Lingerie More Than Than Ever Before

Lingerie is currently defined as “women’s intimate apparel,” but soon this could actually be an outdated description. Women aren’t the only ones that are buying sexy unmentionables today. Men’s lingerie, AKA gay underwear is growing in popularity as survey results show that men are increasingly buying and wearing erotic underwear more than you might assume. an online men’s trendy clothing store famous for their original gay fashion apparel, recently ran an online poll on how often men wear thongs. The poll results revealed that only 27% of men don’t wear thongs because it’s just not for them. As for the latter, 37% of men wear thongs on special occasions, 20% are still thong virgins that are curious to try, and 16% wear them regularly.


Moreover, men’s lingerie styles aren’t just limited to generic thongs, men’s jockstraps and bikini briefs. International underwear brands, like Modus Vivendii, Maskulo and Gregg Homme, that sell basic underwear also produce unconventional pieces that don’t exactly fit under the category of traditional men’s underwear styles. Fringe cowboy chaps, crotch-enhancing spandex shorts and leather chest harnesses are just a few of the fetish-inspired items that are expanding the scope of male lingerie.


As any seasoned underwear aficionado already knows, these pieces are being treated just the same as women’s lingerie. Male lingerie isn’t meant for practical, everyday use, but rather it’s designed to enhance your masculine features for pleasure. It wouldn’t make sense to hide a pair of chaps underneath skinny jeans, right?


Likewise, you might even be surprised by what most men actually look for when shopping for underwear. It’s stereotyped that most guys reach for the cheapest 6-pack of boxer briefs or strictly stick to popular brands, but another recent survey shows otherwise.


An additional online poll by Differio asked men what matters most when they’re buying new underwear. The least important factors are actually price and brand. The survey results showed that only 11% of men look for underwear according to price and 19% of men buy underwear by a preferred brand.


So, what are the most important features that men want from their skivvies? Quality and design. 31% of men shop for underwear based on quality and comfort. Meanwhile, 39% of men – the highest number of male pollers – shop for underwear according to the design, regardless of the brand.


While comfort and price aren’t being entirely ignored, it seems like these aren’t always at the forefront of every guy’s mind, especially if they’re searching for styles that’ll spice things up behind closed doors.


Even Google search trends are showing an unexpectedly large number of male shoppers browsing for ultra-sexy men’s underwear styles each month. According to search engine analytics, some of the most-searched underwear styles on the Internet are mens jockstraps and thongs, even outpacing the more classic boxers, briefs and boxer briefs.


Perhaps it’s safe to say that the question is no longer about choosing between boxers or briefs. Rather, maybe we should start asking, “Underwear or lingerie for men?”


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