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Mekayla Diehl Stands Out In Swim Suit For Miss USA


Do you know Mekayla Diehl. Many says yes even though she is not a celeb. She is one of the contestants for Miss USA beauty pageant and her infamous popularity is a bit weird.

Diehl has not made into the finals, but the young model looked different during the swimsuit runway section and took hard 20 other girls.

Mekayla Diehl Stands Out In Swim Suit For Miss USA

The model of course has a curvy figure and healthy physique as well, which is not impressive enough to wow the judges. Still the 25-year-old beauty model has gained whole host of new fans on the social platforms.

He appearance is not something like cookie-cutter. She also received disproportionate amount of attention during her bikini round on Sunday night.

She is 5’8″ and wore a size four. He body is very normal like any other girl of the age. However, on Twitter the fans wrote that she don’t want to be skinny to become beautiful.

Mekayla is now viral on the social network and all over the Internet her normal figure is being praised.

Talking to the Fox Friends, she said it is quite overwhelming in a positive ways. She added to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Similarly supermodel Petra Nemcova was presented at the event and said she was pleased as the emphasis is on being healthy and not on having a particular body type.

Mekayla said we need to celebrate all different shapes of the body and primary thing in this is to be healthy.