Meet ‘Lord of Wives’ as he lives with three wives who all have tattoos of his face

Most people get fed up with one wife, but then there are few people who just enjoy life with more than one wife, like a boss.

Well, we are talking about 32-year-old, Paulie, who enjoys his life with three wives.

Let us know more about him:

#1 He maintains everything very equally with all his wives.

PAY-Lord-of-the-Wives (1)

#2 He has special calendar in his iPad, which reminds him to make love with each of them equally.

#3 His first wife, Vanessa Hussle, 31, said that she had never thought that she would end up something like this after she breaking up with her ex-boyfriend on some cheating issue.

#4 All the three wives live happily together.


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