Meet a man who has no hands but still plays table tennis like a pro

If you are determined of something, then nothing could stop you from getting or achieving that thing.

Well, this is what proved by legendary table tennis player, Ibrahim Hamato.

Here is his story:

#1 Ibrahim Hamato, a professional table tennis player.

#2 He lost his both hands when he was just 10.

#3 But still could not stop him from chasing his dreams.


#4 He took almost 3 hours to make himself comfortable in playing his dream game with his mouth.

#5 Yes, you heard it right. He plays table tennis holding the racket in his mouth.

#6 He has also appeared in the current Paralympic, but unfortunately he got disqualified in the very first round.

#7 But his hope of winning medal for his country in table tennis one day.


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