Meanwhile girl filed complaint against boys who copies her WhatsApp status

We all copy some sort of texts or you can say status (over social media) and post it some other place, the whole world is doing this.

But a girl rather to understand that everybody does this, filed a complaint against few boys who copied her WhatsApp status.

Actually, there were several boys and girls together in WhatsApp group called MGM Titans (of same educational institute of course).

On this women’s day, an argument started between boys and girls regarding celebrating women’s day but not men’s day (I know it’s very silly).

Later, few boys copied a girl’s status (from the group) and pasted in the group.

Well, this made the girl furious and she ended up filing a complaint against those boys in police.

However, a professor came in between soon and the matter ended up with a “compromise” from both side.


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