Mariah Carey emerges stronger after splitting with Nick Cannon

She’s done it before, she does it again! Nothing comes in beween Nick and her profession.

Although, one might see her all heartbroken, but she actually is a strong independent woman who doesn’t let her troubles get in the way of her career and professionalism. After a recent break up from husband Nick Cannon, she is back on her track. The trauma and misery of their splitting doesn’t hurt her it seems. Just 6 months after their marriage the break up seems to have not shaken her confidence and inner strength.

The renowned singer performed this Sunday night in Chengdu which is located in the Sichuan Province of China. Her attire comprised a plunging corset and a pink underwear-flashing skirt.

Mariah wore a skirt of length a little more than a belt and seemed to be very comfortable in her attire. Not covering much on the top, her cleavage was quite evident.

Her silver heels and funky glove over big diamond earrings did give her an out-of-the-box appearance and her blond curvy locks were untied and swayed over her shoulder. Leaving behind her recent performance experience in Tokyo where everything was certainly not well, Mariah performed brilliantly in China.

Lambasted by her fans for putting her into such a tough time, Nick was ridiculed with many jokes online.

The singer struggled with her microphone as she sung We Belong Together. Soon after, the butterfly decal stopped working adding to her troubles.


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