Man was selling pens to feed his daughter, what a stranger did next is incredible

We all must have heard about the Syrian refugees and today’s heart-wrenching story is one among thousands of the Syrian refugees.

#1 Meet Abdul, he is a Syrian refugee. Just few months back, he was fighting on streets for his and his daughter’s life.


#2 He used to sell pens on streets in Beirut in order to feed his daughter.

#3 Someone then took his photo along his daughter and uploaded on social media, which went viral.

#4 A kind-hearted person, Gissur Simonarson, web developer by profession, came for help.


#5 He set up funding event for Abdul and his daughter.

#6 People donated more than $200,000.

#7 Abdul thought to spend money wisely and hence opened food business in which he hired 11 Syrian refugees who were struggling for their life.


#8 Abdul is now working for the welfare of other refugees who were dying because of starvation.


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