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Man was arrested for sunbathing in LONDON


Sunbathing is a very common practice in which people expose their body in direct sunlight. But they usually do this near a beach.

But a man recently caught sunbathing at the busy street of London.

Read what actually happened:

#1 The man, who later identified as 51-year-old Gerald Muir, found having some personal time for sunbathing, dressed only in tiny Speedos and a pair of slippers, at busy street of London.

#2 Most people ignoring him while few were taking pictures and laughing at him.

#3 Meanwhile someone called police.

#4 Two police officers arrived at the spot, only to find the Gerald having some personal time.

#5 They asked him to clear the mess and leave the place.

#6 But in return the man argued saying he wasn’t bothering anyone, then why he would leave.

#7 Officers after bit inspection, arrested the man on charge of being drunk and disorderly.