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Man urinated on BOSS after winning LOTTERY


Most of us would want to go for a long holiday, if we win any ‘lottery’, but wait, there is someone who wants something else.

Well, we are talking about the unknown man who took ‘enjoyment’ to a whole new level.

According to the CCTV footage, the man whose identity is still unclear, was checking the number (obviously lottery numbers) online.

His reaction changed suddenly and he started screaming and running in the office, which obviously clears that he had won a whooping sum.

But what he did next is really shocking.

He went into his boss’s cabin and took some spray out of the bag started spraying over his (boss) face.

Man urinated on BOSS after winning LOTTERY1

Adding more weirdness, he jumped on his desk and urinated on him, in front of another staff.

Unfortunately, where this incident happened is unclear but people over YouTube suggesting that the clip is ‘fake’.