Man took his pregnant girlfriend to hospital and got a bizarre news

A man who was willing to be dad soon when took her girlfriend to hospital received a shock of his life.

It’s been explained later that the lady had said to him that she was pregnant. The couple weren’t have much money so they asked help from community and the whole community came forward to help them.

After nine month when he took her girlfriend to hospital for delivery, he got the shock of his life.

Well, doctors told him that his girlfriend wasn’t actually pregnant. She would have experienced Pseudocyesis, which is commonly known as phantom pregnancy where women experience the feeling of being pregnant but they actually are not.

Later, it was found that his girlfriend had fooled her saying that she was pregnant and he had done the same with her previous boyfriend.

However, after all these shocks – the man was determined enough to return the donations back to the donors. And he has already started returning.


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