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Man sued and won over faulty Apple Watch


A man, known only as Gareth, spent around $350 on the new Apple Watch Sport, but left disappointed after it got cracked, a few days after the buying date.

Well, he then filed a complaint for the replacement but the smartphone giant refused to do saying that it was caused because of ‘impact’.

Gareth Cross who has successfully sued Apple after proving that Apple's watch is not resistant to impact as they claimed. See SWNS story SWAPPLE; A disgruntled Apple customer has successfully sued the tech giant in a small claims court for a breach of the Sale of Goods Act. Gareth Cross, 32, bought an Apple Watch Sport for £339 last July - but just 10 days later he spotted a crack in the screen. Apple claimed that he was not covered under warranty as the damage resulted from impact - despite Apple's own official claims that the watch was "resistant to scratches and impact". Apple's One-Year Warranty Apple states that it covers "defects in materials and workmanship" and not against normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident or abuse.

Seeing the reply, the man filed a lawsuit against the company as they had been saying from starting that their watch was ‘resistant to scratches and impact’.

And after a six-month battle, he won the case, and the company was ordered to pay compensation.

It has been said that since then the company has removed the claim ‘resistance to scratches and impact’ from their list.