Man spent five months in jail because he was unaware that his bail amount was just $2

A man in a very weird situation spent around five consecutive months in prison and in all those months he remained unaware that his bail amount was just 2 US Dollar.

Well, this would be first story of this kind.

Let us know what actually happened:

#1 An American Man, Aitabdel Salem, was arrested on charge of theft at a clothing giant Zara.

#2 He was ordered five months’ jail by the court of Rikers Island.

#3 However, the bail amount was reduced to $2 (2 US Dollar) after few hearings.

#4 But his advocate failed to inform him about this.

#5 And he had to spend the whole five months in jail before he knew about the bail amount.

#6 Salem later said “I am upset because my case was wrongly handled”.


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