Man raped a girl repeatedly because his father was also ‘rapist’

A man raped an underage girl repeatedly and claimed that his father was also a rapist and he was just following his ‘footsteps’.

It has been reported that the girl, Bethany Hazell was just 15 when she was first sexually assaulted by James Hunt.

James worked at supermarket and his father was also a rapist and was in prison when he raped the girl repeatedly and made her pregnant.

Somehow Bethany managed to lodge complaint against this assault and he was eventually jailed for 8 years.

Later Bethany told to media that about James who used to say ‘Dad did it so I have done it now’.

“For him, it was proudest thing he has done in life”, she said.

James father Neil was accused of brutally raping a woman on the street and was jailed in 2007.


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