Man performed bike stunt and posted pic on Facebook, what happened next is shocking

A man from Bangalore, India, thought to perform some breath-taking stunts for the friends over Facebook on the occasion of Eid.

Unfortunately, everything went wrong and he ended up in jail.

Well, here is the story, what actually happened:

#1 Meet Mohammed Abdul-Wahid Juber, a stuntman by passion, an accountant by profession, who on this Eid, landed on roads of Bangalore to perform some breathtaking stunts.

#2 Everything went fine but at the end, he uploaded every picture taken by his friends on social media.

#3 Well, someone from the social media then alerted the police regarding this.

#4 And police started search operation and soon with the help of his Facebook account, he was tracked down.

#5 His bike which he used for stunts kept under custody.

#6 Police arrested him on several charges.


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