Man is still behind bars under sentence that no longer exists

A man who was jailed for just 17 months, but he is still behind bars and surprisingly, the sentence under which he was put in prison, no longer exists.

It has been reported that the 43-year-old, Jason Thorne, was jailed for 17 months after he threatened to kill a former partner during a heated row.

Since then, he is still in prison and it has been 10 years now.

Well, he was sentenced under a sentencing regime called IPP – Imprisonment for Public Protection, which is now abolished by the council.

However, it is only abolished for the new ‘prisoners’.

So, by that logic, Jason is going to continue his ‘sentence’ for his entire life.

His one friend, Jessica Ross, 35, is campaigning against the rule to make his friend free.

She said, “He has done his time several times over and has got lost in the system”.


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