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Man has to carry his Girlfriend’s ID everytime to prove he isn’t a Pedophile


Life of 42 year old, Shakey Finks, is not as easy as we imagine for us, and that is all because of his girlfriend’s look.

Well, his girlfriend is 10 year younger than him but even though she looks much younger than her age and this creates problem for him.

Shakey Finks, 42 and his 32 year old girlfriend Jessica. See SWNS story SWYOUNG; A man says he is scared to leave his home after being wrongly labelled a paedophile because his girlfriend looks too young - despite being 32. Worried Shakey Finks, 42, says police have told him to carry a photocopy of Jessica Stevens' driving licence to prove she is not underage when challenged. The couple first met two years ago and became an item six months later.  But Shakey says since then they have been subjected to threats and vile abuse because Jessica looks younger than her age.

Jessica Stevens, 32, looks amazingly young, which makes people think that she is underage and her boyfriend Shakey is forcefully having relationship with an underage girl.

Man has to carry his Girlfriend's ID everytime to prove he isn't a Pedophile3

This is the reason why he always carries her ID, to make it clear that she is not underage and he is not a Pedophile.