Man gets instant karma after feeding two hungry children

This is story of a unnamed man (he wanted to remain unnamed) who did something good to the two hungry children and surprisingly he received an instant karma.

Actually, the man visited a restaurant in Kerala, India, to have food. When his food got served to him, he noticed two little eyes staring towards the food from the outside of restaurant window.

He immediately called them inside, and asked if they were hungry.

Both said ‘yes’.

He asked the little one among both, what he wanted to eat.

The little kid pointed his finger towards one of the plate served on his table.

Well, the man allowed both the kid to eat and even offered more.

Both kid left after having food.

Man then called the waiter and asked for the ‘bill’.

Waiter after some time brought the bill with smiling face.

He opened the bill, there were no any amount expect a note which read “We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity. May good happen to you”.


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