Man accidentally shot himself while cleaning gun but knew about it, three days later

A man from Florida, accidentally shot himself while cleaning the GUN, but he knew about the wound only after three days.

#1 37 year old man, Michael Blevins, was cleaning his .22 caliber pistol and while cleaning he had kept the gun against his chest, so that his dog wouldn’t jump onto it.

#2 He while cleaning accidentally shot himself.

#3 However, he didn’t feel any pain because of the painkiller medicines he took for his back pain problem.

#4 Luckily, there wasn’t huge blood loss, which indirectly kept him unaware of the wound.

#5 After three days, when he checked the black shirt, which wore that day. He found blood stains, which forced him to check his body for the wound.

#6 Then only he found that the bullet had pierced his arm.

#7 He then finally went to hospital and got treatment.


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