Little Girl Embarrasses her Father in a Public Restroom

When you are with your little kid, you just cant leave her/him out alone at any case, not even while going to restroom.

That’s what this man did. But something happened then, which embarrassed her so badly.

#1 The proud father was with her little princess at a small stall to have some food.

#2 He at some point, felt need of going restroom.

#3 He couldn’t leave her daughter outside, so he decided to take her into restroom.

#4 He asked her to stand at a corner and while he went to finish the work.

#5 She after some time, moved closer to him and looked down what he’s doing.

#6 Suddenly she yelled, “Daddy, look at your little p###s”.

#7 People inside the restroom, started laughing after listening her ‘words’.

#8 He thought to explain them (people) that his pen## wasn’t that small, but left the place with daughter without any word.


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