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Lions in the Taiz Zoo are forced to die starving


Lions are known for their huge & strong voice and body but the lions in Taiz Zoo are forced to die starving after the war started in Yemen.

In the middle of the war, no one is there to take care and feed these animals except few who raise fund in order to feed these animals.

It has been reported that 25 year old man, Bassam Al-Hakimi, along with few more people visits the Zoo. They have started a fund raising campaign for the animals.

Bassam says that before they reached the place, 12 lions and almost 6 leopards had already died.

However, they are trying very hard to handle the situation but it is very tough to feed almost 250 animals.

Till date, they have raised almost $86,000 USD across the world.

According to Bassam, it takes almost $3,300 to feed only lions and leopards in the zoo.

To Donate, please follow https://www.generosity.com/animal-pet-fundraising/help-starving-animals-in-taiz-zoo-yemen-now