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Lindsay Lohan Makes Court Declaration About Miscarriage


Lindsay Lohan had earlier revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage during the filming of her reality show’s finale, and now the actress has sworn a statement to that effect in court.

The Mean Girls star has been reported to overturn a lawsuit of $5million, over fashion clothing line 6126, a case which she lost last year due to failure to respond. Celeb gossip site TMZ has reported that Lindsay’s court documents have listed her miscarriage as one of the reasons she had failed to respond, along with leaving rehab and dealing with her sobriety.

Lindsay Lohan Makes Court Declaration About Miscarriage

The actress has also said that her miscarriage was one of the reasons that she took a two-week break from the filming of her in-depth programme on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, a break which had made her hit headlines because the production was held up on Lindsay.

She said that although no one knows this, that was the reason for her taking the two-week break. And although she made this confession, she never revealed the identity of her unborn child’s father.

In an recent interview when she was asked about how she felt watching her own show, she replied that it was difficult, especially because people were frustrated that she had taken a break from the filming.

The little-watched series had a dramatic ending, since it began four days after Lohan left rehab last summer, making her sixth stay in six years.

About her addiction she said that although she does not wish to lose everything she has been working for, that exactly what her addiction would do to her, adding that it is a disease and it is scary.