Lily Allen Spotted With Red Hair At Firehouse, London

Previously it was Margot Robbie, and now Lily Allen. It seems this is the perfect time to dye hair red.

Lily Allen debuted her new colored hair on Thursday night in London at the Firehouse. She has dyed it bright red.

Lily Allen Spotted With Red Hair At Firehouse, London

The 29-year-old was in fishnet tunic top and platform sneakers.

Style-wise the model seems taken risk with the new edgy look. Her hair was one shade of brunette and she upped the bold factor – bright red locks with dark roots and bangs. Seems, she don’t like to be in the safe zone as few weeks ago she was spotted with bright orange stripes in her hairs. Well, orange and red is very close by and does not look much of a jump in style.

Very recently Katy Perry too was seen with slime green color hair. Oops! she might have opted for the red.

Kylie Jenner too was spotted recently with unique dyed hair. She had blue hair, sporting dark roots up top. On the wedding weekend of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West too she remained with the blue locks.

Seems like the star knows very well fans and followers like them going out of the box and try beauty risk frequently, and of course leave us guessing who the next celeb will be with unique hair trend.


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