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Lea and Naya Fight


The latest news from the Fox show is that Lea and Naya fought with each other on the sets. The fight happened when Lea went away from the set and the other people had to wait for a long time. The Fox show is a big hit and this fight spoiled the happy atmosphere of the set.

The sets of the fox show is a very jolly one with people working happily and enjoying fully. One of the insiders of this show has revealed that Lea Michelle is an easygoing personality and people do not have any problem in dealing with her.

The only problem is that on 15 April, she caused the other members and crew of the show wait and this is the reason why Naya fought with her. Naya Rivera could not tolerate waiting the whole day and it caused great anger to her.

Lea and Naya Fight

Lea and Naya Fight

Lea is twenty-seven years old and she had some personal matters that bothered her. It made her to go away from the sets as she thought that her personal matters were more important. When Naya could not cope with the long wait, she approached the producers of the show and complained about lea.

When Lea came back to the sets after finishing her work, she came to know that someone had complained about her. Lea got very angry and created a storm. Lea was unaware that Naya had complained about her.

There is another aspect of this story. Some sources have said that Naya entered the sets in a bad condition and her behavior was very erratic. Her careless attitude created problems when the producers got upset with Naya’s behavior and this was the main cause of problems on the sets of the Fox.

The inside sources said that in reality Lea had not left the set. She had only gone away for some time for doing live twitter chat. Lea’s twitter chat was scheduled beforehand. When she went away, she was accompanied by other crewmembers including 2 cast mates. Lea was also accompanied by the creator Ryan Murphy.

The sources have revealed that Nayas behavior on the set had changed somewhat negatively. The main reason behind this was that she had broken up with Ben Sean. Naya’s engagement to Ben had been cancelled.

Naya was having fights with other cast mates. She was behaving in a very unpredictable manner. The sources say that due to her negative attitude, she attacked Lea and tried to pin her down. The fight with Lea was strange for other people, as both girls were not working on the same scene.

Hope that Lea and Naya patch up with each other. So, is a cancelled engagement the reason behind Naya’s erratic attitude?