Lady Gaga Appears On Bazaar Magazine With Bulldog Asia

There’s immense love for puppy. Lady Gaga appears in the Harper’s Bazaar’s September 2014 issue cover with her new French bulldog Asia.

The magazine features nineteen style of the Mother Monster similar to Penelope Cruz and Cindy Crawford. She is wearing a pink Chanel ensemble in it.

Lady Gaga Appears On Bazaar Magazine With Bulldog Asia

Gaga revealed in an interview she bonds with fashion guru over her pets Choupette and Asia.

Choupette is her pet cat and very famous on the Internet.

The interview was conducted by Karl Lagerfeld and he asked should the cat and dog meet, and also does the bulldog has a personal maid like Choupette does.

The songtress said the two must meet. She added, “Asia is very sweet and calm. She would be very gentle with Choupette. She does not have a personal maid yet, but I adore making her little presents and cooking her homemade puppy food.”

Gaga said she credits the pet bulldog her inspiration for many things.

She added that Asia showed her the importance of living in the moment, and if she don’t then she will miss a precious look on her face.

The girlfriend of Taylor Kinney added that she is a romantic person and she loves animal. She said the pets sit with her when she records jazz. Asia never barks or makes any noises when she is recording. She only stares at her trying to listen with big years.


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